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at a glance

    STÜBBE is an international manufacturer of pumps, valves and measuring and control equipment made of thermoplastics.


    • More than 60 years of competence in thermoplastic
    • Pump development using cutting-edge-technology and modern methods
    • Constant optimisation of materials handling aggressive media in complex applications 
    • Continous development of pumps for chemical engineering


    • Vlotho, Germany
    • Suzho, China 


    in comparison

      Horizontal Pumps

      • Type NX – standard chemical pump 
        fully metallic chambered standard chemical process pump in plastic DIN EN ISO 2858
      • Type BX – chemical close-coupled pump
        fully metallic chambered chemical closed-coupled process pump in plastic acc. to DIN EN ISO 2858
      • Type BE – chemical centrifugal plastic pump
        in monobloc design acc. to DIN EN ISO 2858

      Pump family

      into the future


          standard chemical
          pump NX

          • Demanding pumping tasks (heavy-duty processes)
          • Highest demands on safety, reliability and running time
          • Maximum application range of chemical fluids
          • Wetted parts: 
            • PVDF 
            • PE-UHMW 
            • PFA
          • Max. application range: 
            • Capacity up to 1,100 m3/h
            • Delivery head up to 120 m
            • Max. motor power up to 250 kW
          • Max. operating conditions:   
            • Abrasive solids/solids up to 400 g/l
            • Pressure stage PN 16 at temperature up to max. 150 °C
            • Viscosity up to 400 mm2/s
          • Max. environmental conditions (due to fully metallic chambered casing)   
            • Outdoor installation
            • Difficult environmental conditions
            • High piping load, etc.
          • Extra robust construction
          • Extremely wide modular product system/maximum variety of variants​​​​​


            Data sheet NX/BX

          NX characteristic curves

          2-poles NX pump range 2,900 rpm, 50 Hz

          4-poles NX pump range 1,450 rpm, 50 Hz

          chemical closed-coupled pump BX

          • Identical hydraulics, chambering, mechanical seal, connection dimensions such as the chemical standardized pump NX
          • Hollow shaft with its own massive bearing guarantees longest life time and can be combined with any standard flange motor (also ATEX)
          • The design of the BX permits replacement of wear parts without disconnecting the pump casing/pipeline connection
          • Compact design without base plate installation and alignment of the coupling system possible

          STÜBBE E-CLASS

            chemical centrifugal pump BE

            • Clean chemicals
            • Wetted parts:
              • PP-H (also conductive)
              • PVDF (also conductive)
            • Max. application range: 
              • Capacity up to 235 m3/h
              • Delivery head up to 68 m
              • Motor power up to 30 kW
            • Moderate operating conditions:
              • No abrasive solids/solids percentage < 5 %
              • Pressure rating PN 6 at temperature up to max. 100 °C
              • Viscosity up to 100 mm2/s
            • Standard environmental conditions:   
              • Indoor or protected installation
              • Low piping load


              Data sheet BE

            BE characteristic curves

            2-poles BE pump range 2,900 rpm, 50 Hz

            4-poles BE pump range 1,450 rpm, 50 Hz


            and applications

              where centrifugal plastic pumps are unconquerable

              • Metal refinery/metal recovery
              • Phosphoric acid production/fertilizer industry
              • Surface treatment, pickling, anodization
              • Flue gas treatment, exhaust gas scrubbers
              • Industrial/pharmaceutical waste water treatment with solids
              • Chlorine production/Chlorine alkali plants Cl-
              • Sea water desalination/brine NaCl
              • Chemical industry –
                organic and inorganic acids/mixed acids:
                • Sulfuric acid H2SO4
                • Hydrochloric acid HCl
                • Hydrofluoric acid HF
                • Sodium hypochlorite NaOCl
                • Caustic soda NaOH
                • Nitric acid HNO3 
                • Phosphoric acid H3PO4
                • Hexafluorosilicid acid H2SiF4
                • Ferric chloride FeCl

              industries stübbe x-class

              1. 01

                environmental engineering

                • Flue gas cleaning and desulphurization
                • Treatment of industrial waste water (with high
                  delivery heads and/or high flow rates)
                • Production of Biofuels
                • Drinking water/wastewater treatment

              2. 02


                Basic chemicals e.g.:
                  - Hydrofluoric, hydrochloric, sulphuric acid
                  - Chlor-alkali electrolysis
                • Fine chemicals
                • High purity chemical processes
                • Chemical plant engineering
                • Fertilizer production
                Titanium dioxide production
                • Iron (II) sulphate production
                Salt slag preparation
                • Conveying of milk of lime/gypsum
                • Chemical transfer (for high heads and/or
                  large flow rates)
                • Pharmaceutical industry

              3. 03


                • Chemical processes in the extraction of raw
                  materials e.g: lead, zinc, nickel, gold, uranium,
                  phosphates, etc.
                • Copper electrolysis
                • Carbon steel and stainless steel pickling
                • Pickling acid regeneration

              industries stübbe e-class

              1. 01

                environmental engineering

                • Sea water transport
                • Drinking water treatment
                • Demineralization process e.g. sea water
                • Aquacultures, fish farming, aquariums
                • Spa and thalasso baths
                • Transport of waste water contaminated with
                • Treatment of industrial waste
                  water (chemicals)

              2. 02

                surface engineering

                • Transport and circulation in
                  galvanic applications
                • Painting and coating plants
                • Transport and circulation of chemicals in wet
                  process plants e.g.:
                  - PCB manufacture,   
                  - Semiconductor production
                  - Photovoltaics
                  - Battery cell manufacturing

              3. 03


                • Simple chemical transfer (acid, alkalis, etc.)
                • Filling and supply of chemicals from storage
                • Tank truck emptying
                • Detergent and cleaning agent production

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