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    The French manufacturer HYET Sweet requires an extremely stable pump to move artificial sweeteners.

    Aspartame is primarily derived from two naturally occurring amino acids that are chemically combined. Although its constituents – aspartic acid, phenylalanine and methanol – are found naturally in food, a complex synthesis procedures is required to obtain the white, very pure aspartame. The aspartame is cleaned in several reaction stages using a special crystallisation procedure and separation method.

    A circulation pump supplies a falling film evaporator between stage 1-2 to reduce the amount of water in the product as far as possible. After a defined period of time, the 2.6-fold concentrated aspartame is fed to the next process stage. As the pumps are used at the start of the process chain, high service lives are increasingly important for 24/7 continuous pumping operations. Production failures or malfunctions lead to high business costs.


    A heavy-duty pump of the STÜBBE X-CLASS family of type NXHE 125‑80‑200 with made-to-measure dual-action sliding ring seal.

    A pump by an external manufacturer was replaced with a durable heavy-duty pump of the STÜBBE X-CLASS family. The type NXHE 125-80-200 is used at the heart of the production process to ensure the required peak volume of 65 m3/h to a discharge head of 16 m. The pump circulates a fluid made of aspartame with a solids content of 270 g/l and methanol at a temperature of 60 °C. 

    The medium tends to adhere to the sliding ring seal on the product side, so that the GLRD needs to be rinsed somehow. Due to the fact that no seal water may enter the pumping medium, the dual action sliding ring seal of type UV3 is used; this was developed by STÜBBE and is made-to-measure for the new STÜBBE X-CLASS pump. In this high-end variant, the seal is a high pressure-resistant and durable springloaded seal in an REA version. In contrast to universal double seals, the GLRD type UV3 has no tight gaps or dead spaces, and is therefore ideal for use with sticky media or media with a high level of solids.


    The STÜBBE X-CLASS pumps ensure a high level of product security, even in complex cross-industry applications (from the chemicals through to the food industry).

    HYET Sweet is not only highly satisfied with the security and reliability of the new STÜBBE X-CLASS pump, but also with the service and expert support for these kinds of complex applications. 

    ‘We are extremely pleased with our choice of pump supplier and look forward to our future business relationship,‘ says the customer.

    NXHE 125-80-200

    HYET Sweet

    STÜBBE standardised chemicals pump made of plastic convinces HYET Sweet in France

    HYET Sweet, which is located in the coastal town of Gravelines in northern France, is a leading international trading company for high intense sweeteners: natural and artificial sweeteners that are primarily found in food, drinks, dairy and pharma products.

    This chemical system part produces aspartame that is only approved for certain foods, e.g. sweets, dietary food, beverages and calorie-reduced foods. Due to the strong sweetening effect that is approximately 200 times stronger than sugar, it is only used in very small quantities in products.

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