Actuator Feedback Unit


Material sealing element (with medium contact):
  • programmable, compact feedback unit
  • clearly visible LED color lights
  • contact free, magnetic measuring principle
  • Signal output 2 positions OPEN / CLOSE
  • Easy installation and commisioning (plug and play)
  • for all pneumatic STÜBBE diaphragm valves up to DN50


MVB 100/200
  • Ideal for realising dosing and distribution functions in confined spaces
  • High economic efficiency due to low space requirement and minimal installation work
  • Modular extendible to any number of control heads
  • High availability due to standardised components
  • Simple and service-friendly structure with a minimum number of connection points
  • Long service life of membranes and actuators
  • MVB200 with an additional quick-rinsing function by a second row of valves
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MV 308
  • compact design with high flow capacities
  • integrated lift limitation
  • visual position indicator
  • ideal for realising switching functions in restricted installation spaces
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MV 309
  • pneumatic diaphragm valve DN 15–32
  • compact piston drive
  • medium pressure of up to 10 bar with EPDM and
  • medium pressure of up to 6 bar with PTFE (EPDM)
  • visual position indicator NC, NO, DA
  • NAMUR-compliant air connections
  • resistant to contaminated medium
  • market standard installation length
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MV 310
  • reliable and economical
  • good control characteristics
  • high kv value
  • visual position indicator
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