Pressure and temperature sensor


Nominal size DN:
Material sealing element (in contact with medium):
socket | spigot
  • compact pressure and temperature sensor PTM
  • Ideal as a dry run protection device for pumps and for process monitoring
  • Pressure range from 0.5 up to 10 bar
  • alternative signal output interfaces (current loop/relay/Modbus RTU)
  • Compact version for space-saving installation
  • Flex version for difficult-to-reach or heavily contaminated locations


  • Horizontal single-stage spiral cased pump
  • Shaft sealing through single or double acting mechanical seal
  • Circulation, rinsing, quench or barrier medium depending on application
  • Made of sturdy plastic components, ensuring excellent operating reliability even under extreme operating conditions
  • Broad range of applications through diverse construction and material combinations
  • Closed or semi-open impeller
  • Impeller fastening independent of rotational direction with fluid-proof encapsulation
  • Stainless steel screws (1.4301)
  • Corrosion protection through 2-component protective paint
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  • Magnetically coupled pump with a wide range of performance up to 7.5 kW
  • hermetically sealed hydraulic part
  • reliable coupling by strong magnet systems
  • compact design
  • PVDF-Versions for demanding applications
  • good availability due to modular design
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  • X-CLASS is the beginning of a new generation of powerful heavy-duty plastic pumps
  • Based on innovative strength and over 60 years of expertise in the use of thermoplastics, we have set a new milestone in the shape of a future-oriented, efficient and reliable pump system.It can withstand anything.
  • Plastic standard pump for chemicals
  • Extreme resistance
  • Maximum safety
  • Long-lived and sturdy
  • Significantly improved service life
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PTM Pressure gauge connection adapter
  • The new PTM pressure gauge adapter allows the connection of a programmable pressure and temperature sensor (PTM) to our proven diaphragm seal (MDM902). For further technical information, please refer to our data sheet.
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  • For supplying operating voltage to one or several sensors
  • Protected against short-circuiting, overload and excess temperature
  • Low stand-by power consumption
  • Housing with spray water protection
  • Wall installation
  • optional with WIFI module for MD sensors (Modbus RTU-TCP WIFI MD-Gateway)
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  • standardized platform for different pressure-temperature and fill levelsensor
  • SD-Card slot for process (Datalogger) for firmware updates
  • devices of the series PTM, HFT, HFB or UFM are mountable
  • incl. SD-card and transparent cover
  • illuminate display
  • parameter copy function
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