STÜBBE stands for more than 60 years of competence in plastic. Our company, which was founded in 1925, with headquarters in Vlotho/East Westphalia is an international manufacturer and developer of pumps, fittings, measuring and control equipment, and complex systems made of plastic for handling aggressive, abrasive and corrosive media in complex applications in the fields of environmental technology, surface technology, chemicals and metallurgy.

With a focus on securing the future of our production site in Germany, we have worked intensively on our company strategy. This has allowed us to identify and address key criteria to realign STÜBBE's direction for the future.

Back in the 1950s our company became a pioneer in plastics and injection moulding. We stand out thanks to our experience and our competence in chemicals, applications and our products - something that our customer profit greatly from in many areas.

This is why we have made conscious investments and taken action to further boost the durability and traditional excellent quality of our products. We have even gone one step further with the development of the X-Class, our new heavy-duty pump series.

Throughout this process we focussed on our strengths and have presented these as clearly as possible to attract potential customers and win over the market. This is why we have made clear, optimising decisions for our sales organisation so that we can service, advise and support our customers with regard to their challenges more effectively.

Our new strategy is also underscored by a new self-confident public image that will be presented for the first time to the general public at the ACHEMA 2018.

The clear focus on our goals, more precise definition of our performance and targeted investments in our competence and infrastructure are the keystones for a courageous and consistent path into the future  and continued success in our chosen markets.