Our pumps are practical solutions for real challenges. We offer you a wide range of different models.  We have the right product for each application that pumps aggressive or corrosive media: be it our mature and well-proven chemical standard pumps or our new X-CLASS, the heavy-duty plastic pump.

Each individual pump is durable, reliable and meets the highest of quality and safety standards. Our know-how, experience and, above all, more than 50 years of expertise in plastics make us so self-assured and our pumps so strong.



Vertical sump pump


Flow rate (Qmax):
up to 104 m³/h
Head (Hmax):
up to 36 m
  • vertical single-stage immersion pump in block design
  • equipped with a freewheeling shaft for protection against dry running
  • excellent operating reliability even under extreme operating conditions
  • high availability due to simple modular design in the immersion depths 275/295, 375/395, 475/495
  • special mounting plate and connection designs available on request
  • optional design with dry set-up
  • Impeller fastened on the motor shaft
  • independent of the rotational direction
  • Screwless plastic spiral housing made of PP or PVDF
  • Three-phase motor manufactured by ASV-Stübbe with 0.37–7.5 kW, extended shaft and reinforced bearing
  • Sealing elements: EPDM, FPM
  • Connection: flange, socket, spigot


suction tube extension
  • A suction tube extension is used for emptying a shaft or container beyond the immersion depth of the pump
  • For further information please refer to the ETLB-S technical data sheet
  • The suction tube extension is available from 150 mm to 1500 mm in increments of 50 mm in PP and PVDF for all sizes
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suction strainer
  • A suction strainer prevents coarse foreign bodies from entering the pump
  • The suction strainer is available in PP and PVDF for all sizes
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pressure connection bend 90°
  • The pressure connection bend allows the pressure connection (process connection) to be relocated through 90°
  • The pressure connection bend is available in the version union or flange DIN or ANSI. The pressure connection bend is available in the materials PP and PVDF. The union variant is available with an EPDM or FPM seal
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  • Replaces the original housing cover of the pump and is required for fitting a suction tube extension and/or suction strainer
  • The adapter is available in the materials PP and PVDF with an EPDM or FPM seal
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flange adapter 180°
  • The flange adapter serves for adapting the pressure connection (process connection) of the pump to a flange connection
  • It is available in the sizes ETLB-S 40-125 to 80-200, for smaller sizes it is necessary to use the 90° pressure connection bend
  • Like the 90° pressure connection bend, the 180° flange adapter is available in PP and PVDF with DIN or ANSI flanges
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installation instructions

Here you can access information about how to use the accessories on the ETLB-S and which tools are required

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ETLB-S technical data sheet

Detailed information about using the suction tube extension, use and application of the ETLB-S, and an overview of the entire product range

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