We roll our sleeves up when solutions are required. We think outside the box after others have already given up. We pick up the slack when needed. This is STÜBBE. As an international manufacturer of pumps, valves and instrumentation systems made of thermoplastics, we are a competent partner to the industry.  We are aware of the high demands posed by aggressive, corrosive and sensitive transfer media – and we know how to deal with them. Durable solutions for complex application are precisely what our 250-strong global workforce delivers.

Great solutions whatever the task.

We get going, where others have already given up. Do you need to pump an aggressive medium? Just contact us. Are you seeking a certain product or system for your plant? Again, just ask us.

Medium & Chemicals


We make the impossible possible.

Aggressive media, demanding environments, pressure and temperatures: These are the parameters of your application which we accept as our challenge, because: we are experts in plastics and the chemical industry. Thanks to our high level of competence in plastics, our products demonstrate extreme material durability. Our expertise in chemicals allows us to configure and develop extraordinarily resistant  products.

We listen to you very carefully so we can fully understand what it is you need and offer you comprehensive and comprehensible support. We will always find an individual solution, and make what is apparently impossible possible!

In a nutshell:

  • Individual  The ideal solution for every problem.
  • Compatible  Our modules simply fit together.
  • Comprehensive  Know-how and experience in many indstries.
  • Comprehensible  Clear statements, transparent support.
  • Uncomplicated  Well-prepared for specific purposes.
  • Fast  We respond immediately and are on site quickly.
  • Round the clock  Available to you all day, every day.
  • Everywhere  Anywhere on the globe where you need us.


Environmental engineering: High-quality and efficient. Be it the production of drinking water or the treatment of biogas, we has the right product whatever the application. Learn more.
Surface engineering: Competent and innovative. Aggressive and corrosive media, for instance in galvanic processes, for the production of circuit boards or in glass finishing processes place the highest of demands on products and plant. Learn more.
Chemicals: Perfect and absolutely safe. Chemical plant engineering, acid production or the manufacture of fertilisers: safety and reliability are essential factors for chemical processes. Learn more.
Reliable and durable: When mining ore or regenerating acids, corrosive and pollutant media are pumped, which the systems need to be able to withstand reliably. Learn more.