Surfaces are treated with various chemicals. Wet-process machines for the production of circuit boards often work with aggressive media. In the galvanic field, many acidic and alkali treatment steps are used. Good reasons for the reliable solutions by STÜBBE.


Production of circuit boards

Glass-fibre reinforced epoxy resin, ceramics, glass or plasma: circuit boards have conductive layers that need to be applied precisely.

Production of semiconductors

Layers of insulating and conductive materials are applied to the semiconductor substrate for various purposes.


The production of photovoltaic is subject to exacting standards, be it from the established wafer-based technology through to the thin layer technology.


During galvanisation, metallic coats are generated by means of electrochemical deposition; these layers protect against corrosion and wear or build up functional layers.

Glass finishing

Glass surfaces are chemically etched to create certain haptic or optical effects. Application areas are infotainment screens or glass packaging in the consumer industry.

Painting and coating systems

Here, thermoplastics are attractive options because of the easy pipeline setup and the chemical resistance. Silicon free qualities are available on request.

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