The challenges in mining and metallurgy are high. Mining ores and salts or the treatment of precious metals and steel – all these are processes that the plant needs to be able to withstand. Pumping corrosive and particle loaded chemicals means that each individual component needs to be secure and durable. We at STÜBBE have a large product portfolio and the competence to develop the right solution for each requirement.

Raw materials extraction

The ambient conditions are extreme, and only the most reliable components are able to withstand the various solid levels and concentrations of saltwater or acids.


In the electrolyse procedure for producing and cleaning metals, the acids used place great chemical demands on the material.

Steel pickling

The steel pickling process removes mill scale with chemicals from steel surfaces. Temperatures and particle loads pose high demands on the process equipment.

Acid regeneration

The medias in acid regeneration plants are treated in complex thermal and chemical processes which puts the material durability to the test.

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