Thanks to its design, the X-CLASS is much more resistant to corrosive, abrasive and aggressive pumping media. It was specially developed for applications that make high demands in terms of  mechanical wear, chemical resistance, application temperatures, pressure and efficiency. A high flow rate and high pressure levels combined with improved lifetimes redefine what is feasible. The intelligent modular system allows adjustment to the specified performance range and therefore modification of the pump configuration by replacing a few parts. This opens up completely new possibilities and efficient solutions in previously unattainable performance ranges.

We have been working hard on the future and have created a pump that is second to none.Didier TounkapHead of research & development
Heavy-Duty pumps


Standard pump NX for Chemicals ISO 2858/DIN EN 22858


  • X-CLASS is the beginning of a new generation of powerful heavy-duty plastic pumps
  • Based on innovative strength and over 60 years of expertise in the use of thermoplastics, we have set a new milestone in the shape of a future-oriented, efficient and reliable pump system.It can withstand anything.
  • Plastic standard pump for chemicals
  • Extreme resistance
  • Maximum safety
  • Long-lived and sturdy
  • Significantly improved service life


Pressure and temperature sensor
  • Programmable pressure and temperature sensor
  • Ideal as a dry run protection device for pumps and for process monitoring
  • Pressure range from 0.5 up to 10 bar
  • Alternative signal output interfaces (current loop / relay / Modbus RTU)
  • Compact version for space-saving installation
  • Flex version for difficult-to-reach or heavily contaminated locations
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