General Delivery Conditions

Minimum order value

In view of the general cost situation, please take into account that orders below a minimum order value of net EUR 100.– are subject to a processing fee of EUR 25.–. Price basis The following price basis applies unless otherwise agreed:

All prices are quoted without the statutory VAT.

Pipes and export deliveries are generally invoiced including freight costs at cost.

For orders above a net goods value of EUR 600.–  (Germany) we offer free delivery to destinations within Germany.

Orders with a net goods value below EUR 600.– are dispatched freight collect or with a flat freight fee of EUR 10.–. Marking is invoiced on a time and material basis. Express delivery surcharges will always be borne by the buyer.


Return deliveries

By default, we do not allow return deliveries for credit. In exceptional cases we will grant the above with written confirmation. No refund will be issued for return deliveries with a value below EUR 150.– (list price). Similarly, no refund will be granted for products that are no longer included in the product range, as well as goods from customised production. A refund of no more than 75 % of the net value of the goods will be issued for new, stockable items that are returned freight paid. 

This reduction takes the necessary pressure and function tests, as well as the credit note processing and any necessary repackaging and cleaning of the article into consideration. A return number must first be requested for any return delivery. When doing so, indicate:

Order or invoice number

Article number and designation


In all cases we cannot grant refunds for articles that are not in a resellable condition.


Return deliveries in the event of a complaint

To protect the health of our staff and to avoid any possible environmental contamination, please observe the following points when returning products that have already been in use:

Specify the medium used.

Clean the article prior to return delivery. Remove fluid residue completely or as far as possible.

If the medium poses risks to health or the environment, attach a clear warning to the products. Enclose a corresponding safety data sheet.